The Wonderful Land of Oz, Tableau Vivant Photographs, 2014

Adopting a storybook aesthetic, these photographs present pristine vistas and idyllic locations, reimagined with reference to personal, political and historical issues.  The works play with reality and illusion in a way that hints at a level of contrivance and obfuscation. 

Printed large scale on rag paper, it is difficult at first to determine whether these are collages, original two dimensional painted works, digitally composed imagery or photographs of actual subjects. As the viewer moves closer they discover details that hint at the truth. A piece of string here, a chunk of sticky tape there, or perhaps the edge of a wooden support peaking out from behind paper scenery. Gradually it becomes apparent that these are life size sets occupied by real performers.

These tableau vivant photographs form part of ‘The Wonderful Land of Oz’ series. It comprises a suite of drawingsphotographsa filman interactive installation and a public artwork, which articulate a critical reading of the Australian landscape. These works were originally shown at Spiro Grace Art Rooms (SGAR) alongside a catalogue essay by Courtney Pedersen.

Special thank to: Tim Aistrope, Bertrand Branchu, Cathy De Silva, Reuben Degroot, Simon Degroot, Daniel Cabrera, Madeleine Keinonen, Kathryn Gray, Jenna Baldock, Matthew Eden, MAAP Projects, Spiro Grace Art Rooms, David Serisier, Suzanne Serisisier, Dominique Serisier, Father George, Tarragindi Theatre Society, Martin Barry and Renai Grace.