Oz Clouds, 2016

On January 26th, a photographic collage was projected on the William Jolly Bridge in Brisbane. The image depicted a multitude of pink fluffy clouds shaped like Australia. Each represented a different version of the nation – a different family history.

The 26th of January is a dark day for many Australians. For me it is complex. I was brought up with a cotton candy account of history. Over time, I have gradually discovered an uncensored version of events. Although I am proud of my nationality, I am also deeply conflicted about its violent content. I will never fully understand someone else's experience, but I want to keep learning. Knowing one version of the story is not enough; it is through sharing stories that we can better know ourselves and the place we live.

This public artwork forms part of The Wonderful Land of Oz series, which comprises a suite of drawings, photographs, a film, and an interactive installation. Special thanks to Brisbane City Council for inviting me to create this work.